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Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Piscean, Bangalore born and raised, UC Berkeley 2012 grad, Teach For India 2013-15 Fellow, utterly addicted to binge reading and black coffee, raging insomniac, and incorrigible BBC Sherlock-Mean Girls-Harry Potter fangirl :) Feel free to say hello, anon is always enabled!

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Jan 15 '13

cutest dog ever!


cutest dog ever!

Jun 3 '12

Just got home from watching Snow White and the Huntsman…


The only saving grace of this movie was Chris Hemsworth (HOLLA THOR!!!) as the huntsman. Damn, son. Charlize Theron also did a great job as the evil queen. 

This movie had so much potential but seriously, it was a botched job. As my friend said, it ambitiously attempted to combine Snow White, LotR, and Harry Potter, resulting in a confusing, muddled, and highly frustrating film. The following quote from this movie review sums it up best:

"Perhaps when it comes to fairy tales movie studios should just leave well enough alone unless they can come up with something that won’t leave the audience feeling grumpy, sleepy or dopey."

Apr 22 '12
Feb 19 '12

Crawling out of bed at 6pm… feeling like absolute crap. It’s been a while. I’m too old to be making these bad decisions.